Superplex Hilift Powder Bleach Tub, 400g

A “protective” bleaching powder.

It is INNOVATIVELY and UNIQUELY placed in the ‘PLEX’ category.

Contains Keratin Amino Acids.

What does it do?

It optimises time & results, ensuring with a single application perfect bleaching of the hair & maximum protection of the hair, without the need for additional products or mixing stages. SUPERPLEX powder lightens & simultaneously performs a treatment & protective action on the hair, leaving the scales compact at the end of the process. Prepare as usual by mixing 1 part powder to 2 parts peroxide (30 or 40 volume). Apply as usual.

Lightens up to 7 tones, with complete respect for the integrity of the hair fibre. Develops in the same time as traditional bleaching powder. Lower cost per application as there is no need for additional product to be added to the bleaching mixture.

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Stop processing the hair exactly when you want with Malibu C de-ox. Instantly stops processing and normalizes porosity.


Why Bond Enforcing Lightening Salon Service?

Integrated Bonder in the Superplex bleaching powder enhances golden strands with an ultra-high-lift formula that safely kicks you up to 9+ levels in record time. With their powerful conditioning formula, you’ll steer clear of those damaging multiple applications, reduce breakage and bypass the hassle of additives.


IT IS THE PROFESSIONAL SERVICE FOR ALL LIGHTENING TECHNIQUES that can be used with foils or without foils. Superplex bleaching powders get you blonde safely and in a flash.


Why is Superplex Hair Saving?

  • Integrated Bonder in the bleaching powder interlinks with the hair fibers to increases strength between chemically-manipulated disulphide bridges and helps to enforce bonds for minimized hair breakage.
  • Keratin proteins act as a filler when infused in the hair during the lightening.




Damage Gone Forever

The specialist brand for direct treatment of damaged hair. A bond repairing hair care brand that immediately rehabilitates and repairs broken hair bonds caused by exposure to salon chemicals and excessive styling tool heat. The benefits are immediately seen and felt with soft, supple, smooth hair replacing dull, frizzy, brittle hair. Also ideal as a permanent addition to your hair regimen to keep your looks looking and feeling their best. Superplex’s gentle formula allows for long term use for permanent benefits.


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