Olivia Garden SilkCut Pink Diamantes Offset

Special edition. Convex blades, offset handle with finger-rest, micro-adjustable tension knob and comfort silencer. Lined with pink diamantes.

Hand-Honed, Powerful, Razor-Sharp, Convex Blade

  • Ultra-sharp blade edge for effortless cut. Reinforced steel alloy for extra strength

Ergonomic Handle Design

  • Optimal finger rest positions for effortless cuts with all fingers
  • Comfort offset handle with special thumb curvature keeps hand relaxed in natural open position

Micro Tension Dial

  • Adjustable leaf spring tension with dial markings for extra precision
  • Silicone silencer


Olivia Garden  

The offset position of the two scissor rings relieves tension in the muscles of the arm, neck and shoulders. Cutting becomes comfortable and effortless.


Hand-Crafted with the finest Japanese steel

Handcrafted with the greatest care. The finest Japanese steel, renowned for its exceptional quality and longevity, is used for this precision tool.


Ultra-sharp, rugged and sturdy blades

Sharp blades are the essential feature for haircuts. For a clean and neat cut, this is an absolute must. The SilkCut fulfills this requirement thanks to the hardness of the used steel and the sharp cutting edges.


Powerful convex blades for effortless and precision cutting

During the sharpening process, a grinding angle is given to the convex shear blades to make them ultra-sharp. Thanks to this, the shears become an extreme precision tool for effortless cutting.


Light as a feather & perfectly balanced

A well-balanced shear with comfortable handling is a top priority. A shear that does not fit perfectly in your hand can easily cause chronic pain like tendonitis. To avoid this, SilkCut shears feature ergonomic handles. The weight is also very important and these shears are very lightweight and ergonomic to soothe hand strain.


Micro-Adjustable screw for precise tuning

For more precision, the tension can be easily and individually adjusted and tuned thanks to the precise markings on the tension screw.


A great shear with amazing all-rounder performance.


Hand Honed Powerful Razor Sharp Convex Blade

Extremely sharp blade edge effortlessly cuts

Reinforced steel alloy for extra strength and durability


Ergonomic Handle Design

Optimal finger rest positions

Effortlessly cut with all fingers in position

Comfort offset handle

Special thumb curvature keeps hand relaxed in natural position


Micro Tension Dial

Adjustable leaf spring tension with dial markings for better precision

Silicone silencer

Unmatched Quality

Having established themselves as one of the most well known and respected brands for hair styling tools, Olivia Garden have cemented their place in the hair and beauty industry for absolute quality, style and aesthetics. This respect is known worldwide with Olivia Garden brushes and other styling tools often being used by celebrity hairdressers to prepare starts for award shows, fashion events and high profile gatherings.

Proud History

Founded in 1967, Olivia Garden has celebrated over 50 years of excellence and have always relied on the principles of providing hairdressers and the public with high quality, innovative, beautiful and cutting-edge salon tools. Today, Olivia Garden enjoys a position as market leader and has earned over 55 patents making its products widely popular with hairdressers in more than 102 countries. This is as a result of unrivalled pride in research and development which has led to many market-leading products.

Olivia Garden are also the tools of choice for professionals used backstage at New York Fashion Week and are often spotted on TV shows, movie sets and used by celebrity stylists worldwide. Olivia Garden brushes and other tools have also appeared in many style and culture magazines.

Additional information


5.75 inch, 6.0 inch


Scissor, Thinner

Brand Olivia Garden