Gummy Brushless Shaving Cream & Beard Softener, 500ml

A no-brush shaving cream that provides a comfortable shaving performance for a refresh and smooth skin surface after shaving. Prepares your skin for the shave by softening the hair and skin so the blade easily cuts through. Helps to protect your skin against irritation by creating a barrier between the skin and the blade which minimises discomfort, dryness and tightness. Thanks to its Vitamin E content, it nourishes and refreshes the skin with menthol.

Can also be used a beard softener leave-in product that imparts luxurious fragrance, keeps facial hair feeling great by preventing dirt and bacteria build-up and provides some style control.

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Over 55 years of experience and exported to 65 countries, Gummy, a professional men’s cosmetics brand, has become an indispensable choice for men’s hair salons and consumers in Europe and the world thanks to its innovative, technical and functional products.


Gummy is one of the pioneering Men’s Professional Brands made in Turkey.

Products produced under the Gummy Professional brand include hair styling, hair care, shaving, after-shave and personal care products. Their formula used in these products is developed after a long research process in compliance with European Union standards and has been certified by OBELIS Belgium according to EU Regulations.




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Vitamin E & Menthol, Vitamin E & Menthol Plus

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