Grande Brow Assembled Kit, 21 Pieces

The comprehensive kit for fuller, thicker brows. Ideal for retail. Display to show benefits and information about the brand. Ideal for retail.


  • 3x GrandeGLIDE Creamy Brow Definer Pencil, Light (0.25g)
  • 6x GrandeGLIDE Creamy Brow Definer Pencil, Medium (0.25g)
  • 3x GrandeGLIDE Creamy Brow Definer Pencil, Dark (0.25g)
  • 6x GrandeBROW-FILL Tinted Brow Gel, Light (4g)
  • 3x GrandeBROW-FILL Tinted Brow Gel, Dark (4g)
  • 5x Testers (unboxed)
  • Poster
  • 40 brochures
  • Retail display

See the below links for more information and images about each product and their application method, key ingredients and end results.

GrandeGLIDE: Creamy, retractable brow pencil to define and shape brows in one easy step. Buttery formula effortlessly glides on and blends out for the most natural look. Enhances looks and gives brows a more defined, sophisticated and healthier appearance.

GrandeBROWFILL: A tinted brush-on grow gel infused with fibers and peptides to fill in brows for a fuller, thicker look. Once applied, formula dries instantly to allow for multiple layers for increasingly enhanced looks. Adheres to most fine brow hairs, leaving them fuller and more defined after every use.

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On account of hygiene, make-up products are non-returnable/refundable after purchase unless faulty.



It’s time for performance cosmetics that really work. Enhance your features for real lashes and brows with safe and effective formulas.

Backed by clinical studies, Grande Cosmetics has real results for real people. Award-winning product ranges with never-before-seen results that greatly enhances any look.

Grande Cosmetics has developed an amazing reputation for achieving real results. Their products are best sellers and have achieved a 5 star rating with cosmetics giant Sephora with their products occupying permanent top 5 places in their respective categories.

Grande Cosmetic’s mission is to blend functionality and glamour to deliver real results with luxurious appeal.



GrandeGLIDE Creamy Brow Definer Pencil


Application Tips:

  • 1. Slowly twist until you see just the tip of the pencil. Using light pressure, apply along the natural shape of your brow in an upward motion. Lightly brush through brows with the built-in blender for a natural, finished looked. Sharpen as needed.
  • 2. Start at the beginning of your brow.
  • 3. Define your brows arch in one easy stroke.
  • 4. Don’t forget to define the tail of your brow.


Beauty Tips:

  • GrandeGLIDE works great alone, but can also be used in conjunction with GrandeBROW-FILL for natural, more defined brows.



GrandeBROWFILL Tinted Brow Gel


Application Tips:

  • 1. Brush onto the eyebrows in upward strokes to define, shape, build, and set hairs in place.
  • 2. Allow 1 to 2 minutes for the serum to dry.


Beauty Tips:

  • GrandeBROWFILL works great alone, but can also be used in conjunction with your other brow products as a finishing topcoat.
  • Not sure which shade to use? Light shade is best for: blonde, light red, brown, and gray hair. Dark is best for dark brown, dark red, and black hair.







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21 Per Pack

Brand Grande Cosmetics