Crown 12 Piece Designer Brush Set with Case

This 23 Piece Professional Set comes with everything an aspiring artist needs for working every make-up application need. This set is also a great for those looking to start a complete brush collection. Included with the set is a roll-up case making it perfect for on-the-go applications and storage.

Includes every make-up brush you could need, all designed with the superior quality of Crown and their experience in the beauty industry. Professional quality make-up brush designed and built for incredible performance and long-term durability. Very soft but rigid bristles that glide across the skin surface to apply and blend make-up as naturally and beautifully as possible. Represents the many years of experience Crown has had at the forefront of the professional beauty industry.

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Crown has been manufacturing professional quality cosmetic brushes for over 20 years. It provides superior service and price while maintaining the highest standards of manufacturing. Key principles have made Crown a recognized leader in the International Beauty Industry. Crown has established a global reputation for quality and service.

“We are truly dedicated to making a better brushes for the everyday professional.” Whatever kind of make-up brush you are looking for Crown offers a variety that will more than likely satisfy your needs. The search for a good make-up brush is over!

These top of the line brushes are made with the highest grade of natural hairs & synthetic fibers, resulting in exceptionally soft, incredibly sturdy, one-of-a kind brushes. Specifically designed for professional makeup artists, these brushes are handcrafted to help achieve even the most intricate of make-up designs. Each of these individual brushes serve a specific cosmetic purpose, yet still maintain their versatility & usefulness, making them must-haves for every professional make-up kit.


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12 Pieces

Brand Crown


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