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Olivia Garden SilkCut Pro Scissor, Thinner & Case

SKU: J0155

Olivia Garden SilkCut Pro Left Scissor, Thinner & Case. Well priced, well made and highly affordable by Olivia Garden. Includes scissor, thinner, thumb rings, finger rings, cleaning cloth and zipper case.


  • Hand-Crafted with the finest Japanese steel
  • Handcrafted with the greatest care. The finest Japanese steel, renowned for its exceptional quality and longevity, is used for this precision tool.

  • Ultra-sharp, rugged and sturdy blades
  • Sharp blades are the essential feature for haircuts. For a clean and neat cut, this is an absolute must. The Straight Cut fulfills this requirement thanks to the hardness of the used steel and the sharp cutting edges.

  • Powerful convex blades for effortless and precision cutting
  • During the sharpening process, a grinding angle is given to the convex shear blades to make them ultra-sharp. Thanks to this, the shears become an extreme precision tool for effortless cutting.

  • Light as a feather & perfectly balanced
  • A well-balanced shear with comfortable handling is a top priority. A shear that does not fit perfectly in your hand can easily cause chronic pain like tendonitis. To avoid this, Straight Cut shears feature ergonomic handles. The weight is also very important and these shears are very lightweight and ergonomic to soothe hand strain.

  • Micro-Adjustable screw for precise tuning
  • For more precision, the tension can be easily and individually adjusted and tuned thanks to the precise markings on the tension screw.

Additional Information

Brand Olivia Garden
Hair Type All Hair Types
Style Scissor Kit