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Dear Customers,

We are living in unprecedented times.

We are sure that none of us have ever experienced a situation that the world finds itself in. This situation has affected people, businesses and economies everywhere. It is really difficult not be feel overwhelmed by the impact on such a massive scale and our thoughts go out to all that are affected, whether in terms of health, loss of income and access to loved ones.

We are observing the call for a 3 week closure of our business from tomorrow 26 March. Our website will remain active but you will not be able to order online until the reopening.

We will be back in full force when we re-open for business on the 17th April, provided there is no further extension.

Thank you for your support, please stay safe and healthy.

The Hair Health & Beauty Team



Please note: as the lockdown approaches on 26 March, our ability to accept orders and complete delivery will end. We will be closed during the lockdown and no orders can be placed. Ordering and delivery will only resume once the lockdown has ended. Only orders placed and paid for by 4pm Wednesday 25 March will be accepted and delivery arranged. We will advise if we or our courier are unable to deliver by the end of Thursday. Ordering will be disabled after that time and will only be re-opened after the lockdown is finished.



Please note: a selection of hygiene products have been disabled from purchase on the website. This includes sanitizing liquids, dispensing bottles and gloves. This was done to ensure effective rationing until we have received replenishment stock. If you would like to order these products, please give us a call or email using the details on our contacts page. Please be advised that only a certain quantity may be purchased per order and the quantity is subject to change. We apologise for the inconvenience as we work with our suppliers to bring in new stock.


Important information regarding Coronavirus and the collection of orders at our premises.

Please note that as concerns for the Coronavirus increase, we have made the decision not to offer collections for orders. For the time being, the only delivery options available will be courier delivery and company driver delivery if the order total is R600.00 and above, and you are located in areas that we normally deliver. Our staff will advise you accordingly. Orders placed as a collection will not be processed. We will also not be offering any walk-in orders. Customers attempting to complete a walk-in order or collect an order will not be permitted to enter the premises. 


Important information regarding Coronavirus and transferability from goods imported from Italy & China.




Can the Coronavirus be transferred by handling boxes and packages imported from countries known to have extensive infections?

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control has issued this statement: “The virus seems to be transmitted mainly via respiratory droplets that people sneeze, cough, or exhale. The virus can also survive for several hours on surfaces such as tables and door handles.”

To refer to the source, please click on:

We imports products from many countries, including those that have extensive infections like China, Italy and South Korea. These products are mainly transported by ocean freight, although some by air freight too. The goods coming by air take at least 10 days from being despatched by the supplier to being received by us, whereas the goods transported by ocean take between 6 to 8 weeks before they arrive in South Africa. In the unlikely event that the packing has any Coronavirus on them, there is more than enough time for them to perish before they are received in South Africa.

Please also note that goods transported by air are often subjected to extreme cold temperatures in the aircraft’s cargo hold, which accelerates the virus’ termination. Similarly, goods shipped by ocean freight are subjected to high and low temperatures experienced in containers during the voyage, which environment contributes to the termination of the virus.


Can the Coronavirus be transferred inside products like colour, bleach, peroxide etc imported from countries known to have extensive infections?

As mentioned above, apart from the high likelihood that virus will have perished before arriving to South Africa, due to the transportation method and duration, consider the other reasons why this is unlikely:

Products like colour, bleach, peroxide etc used in salon services contain ingredients that are corrosive and of a chemical nature. Viruses and other organic material are unable to survive when mixed in these ingredients.

CDC, tint me, BIG and Bleach&Color colours are manufactured by suppliers who use pharmaceutical manufacturing standards to make these items. This means that all products are mixed in vacuum vessels that have no contact with the environment, unlike most other colour manufacturer who use open vats for mixing. The raw materials are injected by computer control into these vacuum vessels for mixing and filling with little human intervention and hardly any human handling. As the virus is transmitted by humans and their lack of direct involvement in this method of manufacturing process makes it highly unlikely that any germs, viruses or any organic matter can be mixed in with the ingredients.

When colour and bleach powder are mixed in a salon environment, peroxide or developer is usually used, which has a sterilizing effect on the mixtures. Again, this makes it highly unlikely that any virus or biological organism will be able to survive.

Accordingly, it is highly unlikely that any viruses can be found in any salon service products and certainly none in any mixed service liquids.